Professional player and instructor

If you want to get the most from the Game of Golf, you need professional guidance. I am a Playing Professional that can help.

Having been a professional player and instructor I’ve seen it all. My job satisfaction comes from watching my students grow and play their best through proper guidance and expertise. It’s important to me not just to teach you Golf, but also build a friendship from our time together. I’ve played Golf my entire life and have lived some extraordinary moments. Being around the great players of the world, I have been afforded the privilege of forging  great friendships and memories. My students include Touring Professionals, as well as current and former athletes in the NBA, NFL and MLB. Ultimately I love to share the game I know best, unlocking players natural talent and allowing them to be the best golfer possible.

Working with major Corporations, Celebrities, and a variety of Charities I have enjoyed not only bringing a fresh perspective and energy to these golf events, but adding adding to the experiences in sharing some of the stories and lessons learned. Organizing and hosting many such events, I welcome working directly with your organization as I commit myself to each individual with great enthusiasm and effort I think you will find.

Whether you’re new to golf or a Professional, junior or collegiate golfer, you will get the best instruction possible with my dedication and personal commitment. I want to build YOUR swing, using your natural abilities, and develop the confidence to play your best golf game … for life!


To better understand what sets my instructional methods apart from the more common practices used at courses and by course pro’s, my philosophy may help … it’s pretty simple. Rather than increasingly inundate a student with terms, techniques, and focus points, I follow a more simplistic if not natural path that keeps the mind & body a bit more in sync with the end goal and away from analysis-paralysis so common to us all.

Worry not, each success as a student’s game improves brings the need to understand & practice all of these terms, techniques, and focus points at some point – but when and as appropriate, without subjugating the end goal in the process as commonly happens. Over the years I’ve been able to develop a methodology to teach each student there own way to swing the club based on there body structure and flexibility. As you know, nobody is built the same way and we all have different restrictions in what we can do physically. So what I do is work with what the student is able to do and perfect it so that every student has their own Golf swing that is custom to them. I’m not just coaching Golfers, I’m coaching individuals.

That said, as a coach I have to adjust and correct each individual’s temperament towards the game and keep them on track to learn accordingly. By it’s very nature Golf brings our mood levels up and down, so I find it equally important to help guide students emotions during the learning process as well. As I said, proper instruction has to be about the individual cohesively in order to meet expectations, achieves end goals, and maintain the fun that makes Golf so addictive. If you had to quote me, I might say … “Everything is about patience”


Private Instruction

If your a beginner, junior, high school, collegiate, intermediate, or advanced Golfer – let’s take your game to a new level! I personalize every program for any level player.

I’m able to help you in all parts of the game including club fitting, full swing, specialty shots, putting, chipping, pitching, sand game, on course strategy, and formulating a game plan for you to reach your specific golfing goals. The proper technique, swing speed, grip, set-up position, footwork, will all be taught and demonstrated for you.

Group Lessons

For groups of up to 10 people, learn with your friends, family, or colleagues! A personal favorite as it provides an enjoyable platform to demonstrate and teach technique, yet adds a social factor that highlights the real joy of the sport. Additionally, typical class structure reserves time for individual program specialization and instruction as well.

Learn to play, brush up, coaching, swing analysis, or putting refinement – you won’t be disappointed with our Group Lessons. Inquire for details, a popular choice!

Corporate Golf Clinics

Group lesson plans tailored for business. Make it fun and introduce your clients or colleagues to golf, or fine tune your experienced guests game – all while holding a meeting!

Our clinics provide an uncommon yet enjoyable experience for clients and/or colleagues, yet impart more tangible knowledge & technique demonstration than the more typical “club pro” clinics. From full swing to putting, your clinic group will leave surprised not only at the value experienced, but the fun had in the process.


Troy Grant Golf Academy

Located at the historic Recreation Park 18 Golf Course constructed in 1910. An enjoyable 18-hole, par 72 golf course that features challenging elevation changes on Kikuyu fairways, and tough bunkers defending Bent and Poa greens.

Recreation Park 18 Golf Course
5001 Deukmejian Drive
Long Beach, CA 90804


Troy Grant

Pro Golfer/ Instructor


Jim Edmonds

MLB World Series Champion (2006)
4x All Star
8x Gold Glove Winner

“Thanks for all the little tips and pointers along the way. It’s seams to me, the little things in this game of golf are the toughest. You have made a lot of those little things a little easier for me.”

Stan Frazier

Sugar Ray Drummer,
Winner of Chef Race TV Show

“Learning from Troy Grant was an incredible experience! He analyzed all my mistakes and had me stroking the ball straight after 45 minutes. My slice was gone! He was super patient, cool and easy going. Troy has a gift of teaching people the skills they need to improve all aspects of their game.”

Tracy Murray

12 Years NBA
1x NBA Champion Houston Rockets

“When I went to the range with Troy to improve my swing he was easy to work with. Understanding some of my physical liabilities, he was very patient and we worked through it. Troy made my overall game better. Thanks again brother!”

Cris Judd

Director, choreographer and judge on New Zealand’s Got Talent
“Troy can fine tune your game in minutes. His ability to break your swing down and make adjustments are key to improving your game. He has an easy going quality about him that makes the process fun and exciting. Exciting because you see results and improvement with only a short time.”

Flex Alexander

“What Troy has taught me has immensely improved my game!”

Larry Lewis

NBA Sacramento Kings Assistant Coach/ Former Los Angeles Lakers Assistant Coach
“I’m very grateful to have Troy Grant as my Golf Pro and friend. Before working with Troy I really didn’t know what I was doing even though I’ve played for a while. Troy defined things that made me understand what was correct and what was incorrect. Now I have a better understanding of what I’m doing. I’ve improved so much and very happy with the progress! Anyone who wants to improve their golf swing and their golf game, Troy is your guy!”



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